Why choose Belgium ?

Why choose Belgium ?

The hub of the European economic market and a key player in international trade, Belgium is also one of the founding countries of the European Union. As the capital of the European Union, Belgium is home to a number of international institutions including NATO, the European Commission, etc.

Cosmopolitan energy in the heart of a developed country

Belgium is at the heart of one of the world’s richest and most developed regions. It has an exciting culture and cosmopolitan population. For example, 31% of the Brussels population is of foreign origin.

The Brussels-Capital region benefits from a strategic situation in Europe and enjoys excellent infrastructures.

All these factors make Belgium an great place to do business. The Belgian government and the country’s three regions (Brussels-Capital, Wallonia and Flanders) have created attractive investment opportunities.

Located at the heart of Europe

Belgium is the ideal entry point to access a consumer market of 500 million Europeans. Moreover, 75% of European purchasing power is within a radius of 500 kilometres.

The Belgian government has introduced a range of measures and tax incentives to make Belgium more attractive to international investors. Moreover, the Brussels-Capital region encourages innovation, research and development.

It benefits boasts a wide range of facilities in terms of infrastructures and links. It has a range of transport options (maritime and river ports, airports, railway stations, a vast road and motorway network, etc.). Its telecommunications network is top class and inter-modal transport opportunities are on the increase.    

Belgium – an open community

Owing to its structure and history, Belgium is naturally a cosmopolitan country. It is made up of three regions: Wallonia, Brussels-Capital and Flanders. It has three official languages: French, Dutch and German. Officially, the Brussels-Capital region is bilingual (French/English) but in the world of business and major companies, English is widely used.   

Belgium, a host of advantages 

An open economy 

  • One of the leading exporting countries in the world
  • No trade restrictions
  • Quick and easy to create a new company
  • Positive entrepreneurial climate

Easily accessible from Europe and the rest of the world thanks to:  

  • Excellent infrastructure and great transport links 
  • Increasing inter-modal transport options
  • Outstanding telecommunications network

An international decision-making centre

  • Home to countless European and international institutions
  • Over 2,000 multinationals
  • Presence of pressure groups/lobbyists, diplomats and media groups

Outstanding workers

  • High level of productivity
  • Highly skilled labour
  • Excellent linguistic skills

Centre of expertise

  • Renowned universities
  • High-level research & development centres
  • Innovation incubator

Advantageous tax regime for businesses

You may also be entitled to a range of deductions and tax breaks:

  • notional interest deduction: deduction of fictitious interest on venture capital financing providing you with a lower tax base and a lower effective rate   
  • deductions on permanently taxed income
  • 95% dividends-received deduction (DRD)
  • interest deduction if you take out a loan to acquire an interest in a company  
  • investment deduction for investments in new assets
  • 8 % for SMEs regardless of the type of investment
  • investments in the energy sector
  • investments in research & development (R&D)
  • 95% net exemption for innovation revenues e.g. for patents, IT programmes protected by copyright, plant-breeding rights, etc.
  • tax losses carried forward to subsequent years with no time limit
  • deferral of VAT on acquired goods: you do not have to pay VAT up front or a guarantee
  • federal tax exemptions on a range of subsidies granted by the regions

Other advantages:

  • reduced social security contributions for employers
  • identical tax calculations for job in a Belgian establishment or Belgian subsidiary
  • attractive effective tax rate i.e. lower than the nominal rate of 33.99%

Well priced real estate

  • The price of real estate is lower than that in neighbouring countries

Excellent living conditions

  • High standard of living
  • Exceptional education
  • Quality health care
  • Cultural crossroads

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