Download our Do It Yourself guides

Download our Do It Yourself guides



The Emmanuelle Halabi law firm has put together a range of special tools to help you limit your legal fees while benefiting from professional legal advice.

Obtaining Belgian nationality or a short-stay visa requires completing defined administrative procedures meaning you can apply independently. Unfortunately, experience has taught us that these definitions are not clearly published on official websites and this lack of clarity then leads, often following a failed application, to seeking out the services of a lawyer. It can be difficult to find all the necessary information, which is scattered over several websites, or is incomplete, contradictory or written in legal jargon that can be easily misinterpreted by the lay person.

This is why our Law Firm decided to create a range of reliable guides that present and explain procedures in a clear, accurate and comprehensive manner. You will have access to the full list of documents you will need to submit with your application, as well as illustrative examples and templates. You will also benefit from expert advice that only a lawyer can provide.

Our Do It Yourself guides can be downloaded for €150. You can save a considerable amount of money  – money you could spend on your trip to Belgium (the fees, should you choose to use a lawyer, are between €700 and €1,000)!

Consult our list below and download your guide.

Guide for obtaining a Schengen visa (3 months max.) to attend a court hearing.
Includes the full procedure to follow, the list of documents to enclose and template letter to personalise. Please check whether you need a Schengen visa on the short-stay page of our website.