Sabrina Boufares

Lawyer, specialized in immigration and family law

Being able to guide and help people at important moments in their lives and find solutions in line with their situation and profile motivates me every day.Driven by curiosity and the need to explore, I continue to develop my skills and plan to train in family mediation. Specialized in immigration law and family law, I can help you in cases of family reunification, medical or humanitarian regularization, etc.


My diplomas and trainings:

Master in General Private Law at the University of Paris XII in France Complementary Master's degree in European and International Law with a specialization in Common Law at the University of Paris XII in France. Complementary Master's degree in Civil and Criminal Justice at the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve Holder of the Cambridge English First Qualification.

My spoken languages:

French, English, Italian, passive Dutch

My core values:

Determination, surpassing oneself, honesty, empathy, open-mindedness, curiosity, kindness

Previous experiences:

Collaboration in various law firms in Paris and London, assistant in charge of tutorials in history of law at the University of Paris XII, internship at the Court for Children of Créteil in France


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