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Our law firm has been in existence for nearly 15 years and is now composed of 4 collaborators. It offers you its services in immigration law. We specialize in all types of residence applications, work permit applications, as well as applications for nationality or family reunification. We also advise and support you in your project in case of international mobility, if you are a pensioner, want to invest in a company in Belgium, work there or need a professional card.


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Our law firm specialises in all types of stay/residency applications whether for a short stay (under three months) or a long stay, as well as applications for work permits, Belgian nationality and family reunification. We can also advise and support you if you have an international mobility project, are an annuitant, want to invest in a company in Belgium or need to apply for a professional card.

Our services cover all steps of the immigration process from analysing your application, submitting the formal application and waiting for the final decision, as well as filing any appeals. Our goal and mission is to advise you as best as possible about your chances of obtaining the right to stay, as well as assisting you - transparently - with all aspects of your application.

As a lawyer specialising in immigration law, Ms Halabi has the necessary expertise to support you with all the formalities required for your application. Do not hesitate to contact our offices in Brussels.


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International mobility
International mobility

International mobility Rely on our expertise

Whether you want to move to Belgium as an annuitant (person of independent means/retiree), work, invest or create a company, our team of experts (specialising in law, tax matters, real estate, etc.) can offer advice and support throughout your project. We do not just accept your case, we offer you the very best advice to ensure that your project has every chance of success, and your move to Belgium suits your needs and those of your family.
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Family reunification

Family reunification

Family reunification, marriage and acknowledgement of paternity

Whatever your needs in terms of family reunification, marriage, legal cohabitation or acknowledgement of paternity, our law firm is here to help.

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Economic migration

Economic migration

Single permit, professional card, annuitant, students, permanent residence, change of status in Belgium

For all your applications for a single permit, professional card, annuitant status, student status, permanent residence or change of status, our firm will guide and advise you. Do not hesitate to consult our different services.

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Application to acquire or grant Belgian nationality

For all your procedures in the context of obtaining Belgian nationality, our firm will guide and advise you. Do not hesitate to consult our different services.

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