Moving to Belgium as an annuitant

Moving to Belgium as an annuitant

In Belgium, although the annuitant visa is not defined by any specific procedures it is regularly granted. This is why we have created a special international mobility unit to supervise and carry out your plans in Belgium. As specialists in this field, we can guide you and help you put forward the best arguments – even investments – leading to a positive response from the Belgian government.

Our services: annuitant or investor? If you are not sure which status is right for you, our Law Firm can help. We will guide you as to best possible status i.e. one that reflects your individual situation and plans.

Good to know

It is possible to move to Belgium as a foreign national without engaging in gainful employment as long as the applicant can prove sufficient means of subsistence.

This procedure is intended for people with financial assets or with the financial wherewithal to invest in real estate and live off their savings i.e. without having to work in Belgium.

This is a special procedure and as such is not provided for in law. Therefore, all applications will be subject to the government’s discretionary powers.

Hence, it is important to check beforehand whether you meet the basic criteria. Depending on your individual situation, you will need to provide:

  • Proof of sufficient means of subsistence allowing you to live in Belgium without engaging in paid employment, as well as proof that the revenues and funds you possess can be legally transferred to Belgium.
  • Important! This visa does not allow you to engage in paid employment i.e. you must prove that you have sufficient financial resources.

It goes without saying that the more income the annuitant can prove, the more likely his/her application is to be accepted.

We recommend that you obtain proof of the funds in your current account and proof that you will continue to receive any dividends or rental/professional revenues during each month of your stay.

We also recommend buying a property (apartment or house) and paying for it in cash (i.e. no mortgage).

Our services: our in-house real estate expert can help you find a property, either as a pure investment or a residence, should your application be accepted. A notary, insurance broker and tax advisor are also on hand to advise you on your project.

  • Character references in Belgium.
  • You will also have to provide statements from relatives, acquaintances, friends and established professionals who can attest to your good intentions in Belgium.
  • Proof of close ties with Belgium. You need to demonstrate why you have chosen Belgium over another European country.
  • You also need to prove that you have adequate health insurance.

Our services: as a lawyer specialising in immigration law, Ms Halabi and her associates have an in-depth knowledge of these types of applications and can provide you with a comprehensive list of all the proof you will need to submit to compile a strong application. They will ensure that each supporting document is properly presented, as well as formulating your arguments and establishing the necessary proof.

Time frames

Depending on the Office des Etrangers, the processing time is around seven months commencing on the date the application is submitted to the consular services. However, this will depend on the proof provided, the complexity of your application and the checks that the Office des Etrangers decides to make. Therefore, your application can take anything from eight months to one year.

Our services: we strongly recommend that you use our services to limit the risk of refusal and rounds of endless formalities.