Long-term residence in Belgium

Long-term residence in Belgium

You are a foreign national who has been legally living in Belgium for five years

You must:

  • be authorised or allowed to stay in Belgium for an unlimited period of time;
  • have legally and continuously resided in Belgium for five years immediately preceding your application for long-term residency status;
  • have sufficient stable and regular resources to meet your needs and those of your family (dependents);
  • have health insurance;
  • have a national passport;
  • not be a risk to public order or national security.

You have obtained long-term residency status in another EU state and now wish to settle in Belgium

If you have obtained long-term residency status in another EU member state (not including Denmark, Ireland and the UK) and you want authorisation to stay for over 3 months in Belgium, you will have to demonstrate that you have sufficient resources to not become an unreasonable burden on the authorities.

  • You can do this by proof of actual work for which you must first obtain a work permit B by following the procedure for long-term EC residents (i.e. the simplified procedure); or
  • proof of gainful employment as a self-employed person for which you must first obtain a professional card; or
  • proof that you have sufficient revenues (e.g. you are an annuitant or annuitant).

Your law firm specialising in protecting foreigners’ rights, Halabi & Associates will make every effort to guide you and help you with all the steps and procedures you need to follow to obtain your long-term or short-term stay visa.