In general, after making an appointment, we will send you a questionnaire with some questions that we ask you to complete imperatively at least 24 hours before your appointment.

This questionnaire allows us to analyse your case in advance, to assign you to the most specialised lawyer for your case and to envisage solutions for each case. We will then be able to devote the time of the interview to asking you for any additional information, but above all, to explain your options in detail.

The explanations provided in this questionnaire will allow us to evaluate the complexity of the case, as well as the amount of the fees (150, 250 euros or 350 euros incl. VAT, depending on the specificity of the procedure- more details below).

Thus, we can devote the duration of the consultation to ask for some additional details, and especially to explain your options in detail.

Similarly, at the end of the meeting, we will send you a thank-you email with our recommendations , strategy and/or option and a breakdown of the applicable fees, so that you can reflect and make an informed decision to take action.

Immigration Law fees

Each consultation lasts 30 min and costs 150 euros VAT (asylum, medical or humanitarian regularization, short stay visa) or 250 euros VAT (nationality, single permit, family reunification, change of status, student stay)…, depending on the type of procedure.

Consultations for applications for annuitant visas or professional cards, which are more technical, are meanwhile fixed for a duration of 45 minutes and charged 350 euros VAT included. These consultations are fixed only with Me HALABI.

The first consultation fees will be deducted from the procedure fees, if you decide to proceed with our Law Firm within 48 hours following your meeting.

In case of, after the introduction of a first procedure, a new one is necessary, there will be an additional invoicing.

However, we apply different rates for the subjects included in the framework of international mobility. The processing of these applications being particularly technical, the duration of the appointments will be extended to 1 hour and the fee is then 250 euros.

The amount of the consultation will then be deducted from the fees for the proceedings, if the first advance payment is made within 48 hours following the interview.

Once we have taken cognizance of the case, often after the first consultation, we generally work on a flat rate basis in standard procedures (family reunification, nationality, residence applications ….). The aim is to apply transparency and our client will know from the start how much the procedure will cost. This is obviously a flat rate per procedure submitted. If, after the first procedure has been initiated, a new procedure is required, this will be invoiced additionally.

Family Law fees

Each consultation is mostly 45 minutes long and is invoiced 250 euro. Once we read through the file, often after the first consultation, we usually work on a flat rate basis and then at an hourly fee for all the family law procedures involving legal proceedings (recognition of children, refusal of marriage or cohabitation, divorce, separation, etc).


This means that in this case, clients will first pay a fixed provision which includes:

  • The analysis of the file
  • The preparation and the writing of a request
  • The deposit of the request
  • The initial hearing


Depending on the result of the hearing:

  • Either we obtain directly a decision and nothing else is due, the file is closed.
  • Either we must conclude, and several hearings are required


In the latter case, we turn to an hourly billing for hours worked on the defence of your case (175 euro per hour) and an overview is sent each month to the client with details of the hours worked with an intermediate statement of fee.